Heroes and heroins

According to natural order or hierarchy, parents are guides, hreoes, first teachers, nurses, chauffeurs, and much more in thei rchildren’s life.
Parents play many leadership roles in their life. This is given to them only for being parents, for beingl doer, for having more experience,
for knowing more and, of cousre, for having their hearts and their feelings linked to us forever. This leader life position in our children’s life
has eben given to us in the moment we know we’re going to “be parents”.
In the photographies I want to stress, in a direct way, this piomrtant issue, trying to show how this role’s father (mother) marked in the child’s life.
To achieve this is necessary that the father (mother) identifyh imself(herself) with some super heroe (heroin)from his/her ow nchildhood
and they play this role dressing like this super hero. With all this I try to stress the role that is playing btyhe person who guides the child through
his entirely life, awse ll as I try to achieve that the guide person remembers herchildhood through the performance of her childhood’s dream,
aciheving this with a perfect feeling state between the people wh ohave been photographed.